No Prob-Lamma

03 Jul
No Prob-Lamma

Sunday, July 3rd

Today we went to Lamma Island. It’s the third largest island of Hong Kong (Hong Kong is made up of more than 260 small islands)

To get to Lamma Island:Take MTR to Central MTR station. Take the ferry from Central Pier 4 to Sok Kwu Wan ($40 for a ferry ticket). Once you get to Lamma Island, follow directions for the beach.

Note: Most of the pictures in this post were taken by our fabulous media specialist Maya.

After boarding the ferry, we were treated to beautiful scenery but had to endure a rocky 35 minute journey.

Luckily, the ride went by fairly fast and before we knew it, we had reached our destination.

Unfortunately, we had taken the wrong ferry. Sok Kwu Wan, where we docked, is famous for its seafood restaurants where you can eat fresh seafood while enjoying a spectacular view.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a beach.

Thus, we embarked on a little 20 minute hike to the nearest beach.

After a relatively easy climb, we reached the beach.

We were expecting to see this:

But instead, we were greeted by this:

We soon learned that the small size and lack of people at this particular beach was due to the fact there was virtually nothing here except water and sand. To be fair, there were showers and bathrooms, but there were no restaurants or shops in the nearby vicinity.

Everyone was rather hot at this point, so we decided to cool off in the water before seeking food elsewhere.

Then, we noticed this:

The trash in the water discouraged some of us from venturing in the water. However, others were more adventurous and went in the water anyway.

During our stay, half of the beach was also closed off due to migrating sea urchins that had entered the area.

After a while, everyone was starting to get really hungry, so we decided to embark on the 40 minute hike that would take us to the correct beach. One that would have clean water and food.

On our hike we had a few run-ins with the locals:

Can you spot the giant spider that’s as big as my hand?

Luckily, the trail was a pretty easy hike, and we were soon greeted by this beautiful sight: Hung Shing Yeh beach! Our 40 minute hike had taken us clear across the island to Yung Shue Wan. Yung Shue Wan is on the northern part of Lamma Island and is known for unique craft shops, exotic cafes and bars.

We were happy to find that Hung Shing Yeh beach had clean ocean water, food stands, and places to sit down.

We were able to find the best food stand in a matter of minutes.

Grilled corn: 15 HK Grilled pineapple: 5 HK

Our journey to the ferry (back to the Central MTR station) took us through a small town.

About five minutes away from the beach, we stopped at Kin Hing Tofu Dessert. Apparently, it’s very famous for their Shanshui Tofu Fa which is made by the cutest little old woman.

Tofu hua 豆腐花 is smooth and silky. This particular one was served cold and the velvety sweetness of the dessert was immensely refreshing. It’s akin to Mexican flan (custard) and you can’t taste the soybeans at all. (9 HK)

A recap of our Lamma Island journey:

After taking the ferry back to the Central MTR station, we went to the IFC mall to explore.

We finished the day with yet another sweet treat: frozen yogurt!

I tried the popular Yo Mama froyo (original with strawberries, 28 HK)

It was good, but I guess I’m just not a big dairy person. Call me weird, but I would rather have Taiwanese shaved ice instead.

Maybe it’s because shaved ice comes with more fruit?

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