Can we keep it, can we?

16 Jun

June 16th, Thursday


Tea, whole wheat rolls, rice porridge, fried egg, and ham. The white bun is a steamed bun; apparently in Hong Kong, they eat them with sweetened condensed milk, which makes for a very delicious combination.

Today’s weather was rather miserable. It rained really hard the entire ride to work. Not only was it pouring, the wind was also coming from all directions. It got to the point where I was convinced my umbrella had to be leaking because I was getting hit with rain from all sides despite the fact I had an umbrella the entire time.

Today marked the last day of the Expo. I never knew how much work went into taking down a single exhibit. Our exhibit was considered small compared to the other merchants, and it still took us a good 40 minutes to get everything together.

First, we had to un-velcro all of the lovely pictures and signs:








To view more pictures of the exhibit, visit our Facebook group

Then the three guys got to work dismantling the PVC framework that held up the backdrop pictured above. I have to say that I am thankful they were with me; they made disconnecting the framework of plastic PVC pipes look easy, but I couldn’t get any of the pipes to budge!

Despite the thunderstorm warning that was issued, our internship went to Avenue of the Stars to watch the nightly sound and light show that happens every night at 8 PM. Unfortunately, the weather warning turned out to be right; halfway through our walk to our destination, it started to rain. During the show, it started pouring.

At the start of the show, me and another intern had the bright idea to stand under the awning of a guest shop that was right next to the water (where the show takes place). Although it sounded like a good idea at the time, it soon turned out to be a poor location choice. Once it started raining, we realized that the 3 inch overhang above us was rather inadequate. Although we tried desperately to press our bodies into the glass wall behind us to create more coverage space, we could only stand helplessly as water dripped down our noses (if only the awning had been 2 inches longer!). After 5 minutes, we decided that a change of location was desperately needed. (By this time, our faces and the fronts of our shirts were starting to get drenched).

Although the show was only partly through (it lasts 10 minutes), me and three others decided to go back to the dorms. The coordination of lights and lasers between the different towers was impressive, but honestly, the nightly fireworks show at Disneyland is more impressive in my opinion.

While walking to the MTR station, our group of 4 got separated; me and another girl got separated from the other 2 people. After waiting at the exit for 5 minutes, we finally decided to take the subway back to Festival Walk and meet them at the Homey Kitchen to eat dinner.

While on the subway, a lady lugged this bucket in and set it right next to us.

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like; a pail filled with live oysters and mussels.

On the way bak from the MTR stop in Festival Walk, we stumbled upon this event:

Aren’t they cute? I wanted to take one back to my dorm with me.

On our way back to the dorms, we were reunited with the 2 interns that were in our original group.

The animal fun continued all the way to the Homey Kitchen (our eatery)

We saw a frog, toad?

A snail

And a slug

Who knew that Hong Kong had so much animal diversity?

After such miserable weather, it was nice to have dinner in the company of friends.


It’s called doufu hua. It was essentially silken tofu in a simple syrup sauce. The flavor was a bit odd; I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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