The Pursuit of Fruit

05 Jul

In addition to offering delicious foods such as dimsum and iced desserts, Hong Kong also offers a large variety of one of my favorite foods: fruit!

Here are a few that I have enjoyed this summer:


The outer layer of the fruit has a thin red skin that resembles a raspberry. Upon peeling the fruit, the bulbous white edible portion is exposed. The fruit is intensely flavored and has a texture of peeled grapes. Lychee fruit has a taste somewhat similar to a combination of ripe pears and peaches. These are in season right now, so I’ve been eating them like it’s my job.



This fruit, which resembles a sea urchin, is sort of like a hairier version of lychee. It is less sweet than lychee and has a grape-like taste.

Taiwanese Wax Apple  莲雾

This bell-shaped fruit only resembles an apple in color. It is deliciously refreshing with a juiciness that is akin to watermelon. The flesh is very loose and has a taste similar to an Asian yali pear. When buying them, you want to make sure that the bottom segments curl inwards to ensure freshness


To eat this fruit, you gently squeeze it until the outer shell cracks. The inner white fruit is edible, although the segments do contain seeds. Perhaps the most flavorful fruit I have ever eaten, some describe the flavor as strawberry, peach, and vanilla ice cream.


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