Lei Yue Mun Seafood Dinner

26 Jul

July 23rd, Saturday

On Saturday, we had our second-to-last sponsored event: dinner on the town!

While everyone was getting ready to meet downstairs at 5:00, we were informed that our transportation to the ferry pier had decided to cancel on us. We were assured that MTR fare would be provided in lieu of the tour bus transportation, but seeing as how most of the girls were planning on wearing high heels (this was our “dressy” event), hiking the 15 minutes down to Festival Walk didn’t sound very appealing.

Luckily, we ended up calling for 7 cabs to take us all down to the TST public pier.

I got to hold the cab fare.

Of course, since everyone had taken the time and effort to look nice, lots of picture taking enthused during our half hour wait for the boat.

(The theme for the night was black and white in case you couldn’t tell)

My beautiful roommate and I

Me and the other affable U of A interns in attendance

We received quite a few stares because we were easily the biggest and best dressed group at the pier. After about half an hour, the boat finally arrived.

After sitting down, we enjoyed free drinks and peanuts while taking in the spectacular view.

They had some nifty cup-holders that also doubled as a backrest. 


Before we knew it, we had arrived at our destination:Lei Yue Mun

(It looks like you can also get here by the MTR Yau Tong Station)

We then embarked on through the seafood market to get to the restaurant.

The streets here are lined with fishmongers’ stalls and tanks, and apparently, locals will often pick their own fish and take it to a restaurant for cooking. The restaurant will then charge on a per head basis for the preparation of the food.

A short trek later, we arrived at the restaurant.

Our menu for the night: an 8 course meal!

Typical chicken and sweet corn soup

Steamed fresh prawns Chinese Fried Spicy Salted Prawns (I don’t know why the printed menu didn’t reflect the change)

Deep-fried Squid with Chili and Salt

Scallops Steamed with Garlic and Chinese Rice Vermicelli (favorite dish of the night! The scallops were underneath the rice noodles)

Steamed Fish in Traditional Cantonese Style (this dish was also very good, the fish was super fresh)

Spareribs in Sweet and Sour Sauce Pork in Sweet and Sour Sauce (another change to the printed menu)

Seasonal vegetable: Gai lan

Fried Rice in Yeung Chow Style with Shrimp (it was probably the most artificially yellow colored rice I have ever had)

Fried E-Fu Noodles

On the trip back to TST, we enjoyed some more amazing views on the boat:

Stay tuned for next weeks’ posts because our last sponsored event (and last weekend in Hong Kong!) is an overnight trip to Macau!!

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