Macau: Cirque de Soleil

04 Aug

Saturday, July 30

**Sorry for the delay in posts; with the end of my internship and getting sick, I’m a bit behind. Look for a lot of updates in the next few days!

This weekend was bittersweet; it was our last weekend in Hong Kong, but it was also the weekend of our highly anticipated Macau trip.

The trip got off to a rocky start when our transportation to the ferry (tour bus) got lost when driving to HK City University. With the late arrival time and heavy traffic, we arrived exactly 15 minutes before the departure time stated on the ticket.

15 minutes to clear security and get to the boarding area before the gate was closed off.

The lines were long.

I was wearing a dress and flipflops.

But somehow, I, along with the majority of the group, were able to make the ferry.

About an hour later, we got our first glimpses of Macau.

As soon as the ferry stopped, it was back to running for my friend and I.

Let me give you a little background information.


Before going to Macau, the two of us decided that we wanted to see the Cirque de Soleil Zaia show which was at the Venetian Hotel. 

After browsing some travel sites to see some reviews of the show (almost all were very complimentary), we stumbled across a comment that advised people to buy the “Venetian Entertainment Package” which include the Zaia ticket, among other things, for a great price.

After some research, we were shocked at the deal.

Considering that the “Rewards Dollars” is essentially 200 dollars cash that you can spend in many areas of the Venetian Resort (i.e. restaurants, giftshops, clothing stores) you’re really only spending 398 HK. 

The biggest pull of the deal for us was the fact that a B-Reserve Zaia ticket by itself is 588 HK if you buy it off the website.

So basically, we were getting a free photo200 Rewards dollars, Iceworld ticket, anddinner for 10 HK. 

Amazing, right?

After talking with a representative over the phone, she suggested that we buy the pass at the resort after we arrived to assure that there would be Zaia tickets available that day (since that was the main reason why we were buying the package after all).


Back to the Macau Day One recap…..

With the goal of making the 5:00 Zaia show, our 5-people Zaia group dashed off to the Venetian shuttle. (All major hotels in Macau have free shuttle service from the ferry to their hotel. This is essentially free transportation because almost every major place in Macau is near a hotel. So if you know where you’re going, you can essentially get around Macau for free by taking the hotel shuttle).

So, my friends and I ran from the ferry terminal to get to the Venetian bus with the intent of making the 5:00 Zaia show. Our group of Zaia-going interns ended up having 5 people in total.

After a short 20 minute ride, we arrived at the resort.

After finding Cotai Travel Agency, we were able to buy the entertainment passes.

The first thing we did was get our Zaia tickets. Unfortunately, the 5:00 show was already sold out, but we were able to get tickets to the 8:00 showing.

Then, we headed off to Ice World (the tickets are usually 100HK each)

Ice World was amazing! It felt like we were there for an hour, but in reality, we were only in there for about half an hour. It was freezing cold despite the warm jackets they gave us.

My hands were killing me near the end, because they were always out holding my camera.

They also had a bar that was made entirely of ice. Even the bar stools were made of ice!

After we took our complimentary pictures in the hotel lobby, we had our set dinners at Fago Sambo.

I ordered chicken tikka masala

After dinner, I spent all of my 200 voucher money at Koi Kei Bakery.

We also got the highly anticipated Portuguese egg tarts from the same bakery. (It’s really famous for their almond cookies and their egg tarts).

They were quite possibly the most amazing thing that I’ve ever eaten. I’ve never really liked egg tarts…until now. These egg tarts had an amazing crust that was sturdy, yet flaky and light.

The custard was amazing; it had the taste of creme brulee with the caramelized crust and the filling was velvety and smooth.

It was so delicious that I’ve decided the background of my credit card is going to be a Portuguese egg tart as soon as I get home. You might think I’m joking, but I’m serious.

These were so delicious that I managed to eat 3.5 of them in a 16 hour period; they were that good.

After our amazing dinner, we were off to see Zaia.

Zaia was really good! I have never been to a Cirque du Soleil show, but I can see why it is so popular. At the Venetian, the performers used the entire theater in their performance!

Zaia appeared to be about space, earth and exploring new horizons. It was highly entertaining and I was surprised when the show ended because it seemed like it had just started. Although this was my first Cirque de Soleil experience, I really enjoyed it.

After the show, we walked around the Venetian some more before we took the complimentary shuttle back to the ferry.

We attempted to find the shuttle for the Landmark Oriental (the hotel where we’re all staying at). Unfortunately, the shuttle didn’t seem to run very regularly. Luckily, we found out that our hotel was right across the street from the Starworld Hotel. Thus, we rode the Starworld Hotel shuttle and then walked to our hotel.

We took full advantage of the amazingly soft beds and got a good nights sleep in anticipation of our 2nd day in Macau.

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