Last dinner in Hong Kong: Moroccan cuisine

06 Aug

My last meal in Hong Kong was the perfect finishing to an amazing trip.

My roommate and her parents were kind enough to invite me to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner.

After consulting Google map, I got to Central by MTR.

As usual, I got lost trying to follow the directions of Google map when getting to the restaurant.  Unfortunately, the layout of Central has a lot of dead ends, small side streets, and forking of roads, so I was even more disoriented than usual.

Throughout my trip, whenever I was going to a new location, I always anticipated getting lost. I like to think of it as the Hong Kong diet. You walk so much while getting lost that you get quite the workout, especially when you’re lost in the peak of the afternoon heat at 3:00. 

Luckily, my roommate knows the extent of my navigation abilities (it’s amazing how well you can get to know a person in 7 weeks) and had the foresight to call me when I was 5 minutes late.

Through a combination of her directions and taking a taxi, I was able to miraculously arrive at the restaurant, La Kasbah, a bit late…48 minutes to be exact. Luckily, her family was extremely understanding of my lack of navigation skills.

Fyi, being late was not a recurring theme during my Hong Kong trip. If anything, I was always embarrassingly early to an event with the fear that I would get lost and arrive late.

Her family was also very understanding of my raspy voice. I should also mention at this time that for reasons unbeknownst to me, I lost my voice the day before. Thus, my voice was still in recovery mode and had an attractive grating sound that was very pleasant to hear. I can only imagine the pain that I inflicted on the ears of my dinner companions.

I was started off with tomato soup. It was wonderfully soothing against my sore throat.

To accompany the soup, my friend’s mother brought me a small box of Moroccan fried pastries. They had a strong honey flavor and were delicious.

We also had a wonderful eggplant dish that went well with the unauthentic Moroccan bread.

We also had tuna pastries, with quail eggs that were also quite tasty.

For our main course, we had three dishes that were served family style.

Couscous kasbah, served with roasted lamb shank, merguez and vegetables

This was my first time having couscous and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of a mixture of rice and quinoa.

Lamb tagine with prunes and potatoes

Chicken tagine with preserved lemon confit, artichoke and green olives

My plate:

*Disclaimer: I was informed by my roommate and her family that many of the dishes we had were not authentic Moroccan cuisine.

For dessert, we had an assortment of Moroccan pastries.

Although we enjoyed a lot of delicious food, my favorite thing about the meal was Moroccan tea.

I’m told that the tea is prepared using a special process with Chinese green tea, mint, and sugar. It was delicious and very refreshing. I would have to say that I liked the Moroccan tea much better than the famous Hong Kong bubble tea.

When my roommate and her family walked me to the MTR station, it dawned on me that this was my last real meal in Hong Kong. I’m not in the least bit regretful that I didn’t have a traditional Chinese meal before leaving. On the contrary, I thought it was the perfect ending to my trip.

I came to Hong Kong with the intent of experiencing something new.

Throughout this trip, I have been fortunate enough to meet many wonderful people.

For me to be able to enjoy a new cuisine in the company of someone (and her family) who I became friends with in Hong Kong was truly a magnificent culmination of my 8 week trip.


I’ve also been invited to go to Morocco (where my roommate is from) to try real Moroccan food, which I imagine is just incredible.

Perhaps this last day in Hong Kong isn’t a sad goodbye.

Perhaps it’s just the ending to a wonderful journey and the start of another adventure.


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